W. Blair Geho, MD., Ph.D.

Co-founder and Chief Scientific Officer

Dr. Geho has spent his career in pharmaceutical research and development at both Fortune 100 and biotechnology companies.  As head of pharmaceutical research at the Procter & Gamble Company, he led the development of Didronel, the first approved bisphosphonate drug for treating bone disease, and Osteoscan, the first bone imaging agent.  In metabolism and endocrinology, Dr. Geho’s research has been published in leading journals over several decades, and he is recognized as a thought leader in the role of the liver in glucose metabolism and in the design of pharmaceutical systems to address dysregulation of glucose in the liver.  

He received his undergraduate degree in Chemistry from Bethany College (Bethany, West Virginia), and he was one of the United States’ first recipients of an NIH funded combined MD/PhD degree in Medicine and Pharmacology from Case Western Reserve University (Cleveland, Ohio).  During his doctoral training, his primary advisor and mentor was Nobel Laureate Earl Sutherland, MD, discoverer of the cyclic AMP second messenger system. Upon graduating from Medical School, he joined the School’s faculty in the Departments of Surgery and Pharmacology as one of the youngest instructors in the history of the University.

From 2011-2018, Dr. Geho served as co-chief translational officer of the CWRU School of Medicine and is currently an Adjunct Professor of Medicine at CWRU. Dr. Geho has over twenty-five issued US Patents in the field of diabetes and targeted drug delivery.


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